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HYDROGEN - a small atom with great powers
Since hydrogen is the smallest element in the periodic table, it penetrates every cell and acts as the most powerful selective and natural antioxidant in our body.

NANOWATER «GO» water enriched with active, atomic hydrogen is indispensable for a healthy body and mind.

ADVANTAGES in everyday life

A powerful antioxidant
Over 550 independent studies confirm the health-promoting effects of hydrogen on the human body. Hydrogen is the most powerful selective antioxidant.

Small and strong atom
Hydrogen is the smallest and most common molecule in our universe. It has the ability to act at the cellular level.
It penetrates the mitochondria and even the nucleus.

better health
Molecular hydrogen is proven to be health-promoting and helps with over 170 diseases, including high blood pressure, inflammation and allergies. It also promotes metabolic functions.

Full power
Research on athletes shows that molecular hydrogen intake greatly improves performance, fitness, recovery and health.

Increased concentration
Hydrogen can easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier and increases cognitive abilities and brain functions.

More energy in everyday life
Due to the increased proportion of molecular hydrogen in the water, the body is "charged" with additional electrons. This ensures a high energy potential and you have more strength for your everyday life.

Acts alkaline
Hydrogen has an alkaline effect by stabilizing the pH value in the blood and ensuring a balanced acid-base balance. This reduces acidification in the body.

Hydrogen reduces natural cell death in the body. Consequently, it has a rejuvenating and repairing effect on skin and cells.

Of course - without side effects
Unlike conventional dietary supplements, hydrogen leaves no waste products in the body, but is excreted as normal water.

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